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Customer Experience

At Meridian Integration, we have developed ​a suite of intelligent digital engagement applications called IDEA, across several key areas to enhance customer experience:

  • IDEA for Customers​
  • IDEA for Agents​
  • IDEA for Cashiers​
  • IDEA Agency Assistance​
  • IDEA Customer Mobile

Oracle Energy & Water Implementation

As an Oracle Partner with an award-winning team, Meridian will help your team navigate the complexities of OEW implementation and upgrades.

We are experts in Oracle Energy and Water products, offering high-quality CCS, C2M CC&B, MDM, and ODM implementations and upgrades that ensure success.

Project Management Office & Organization Change Management

Our Project Management Office (PMO) and its Organizational Change Management (OCM) approach equip you with the resources you need for successful project management and change implementation – imparting relevant knowledge and fostering effective adoption of new practices.

Application Maintenance

Are you ready for the best application maintenance experience? Our highly-skilled team is here to provide comprehensive support and ensure your software applications are up-to-date.

Application Support

Meridian’s application support uses continuous improvement to reduce incidents and improve customer experience.​

Data Governance

Meridian’s Data Governance ensures your data is accessible and secure.

You can be confident knowing that your enterprise system’s availability, usability, integrity, and security are always proactively monitored.

Cyber Security

Meridian’s Cyber Security team has real-world experience with security standards based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). ​

We can help you build strategic threat intelligence to protect your IT and OT assets.​

QAT as Service

Harness the power of advanced database analysis with QAT as a service.

Unlock AI and machine learning capabilities to optimize your applications and make them faster.

Looking For IT/OT Experts?

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