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Utilities are more focused than ever on exceeding the continually growing expectations of their customers. Welcome to IDEA, Meridian’s state of the art, fully integrated, scalable, web based, self-service platform for Customers, Agents, and Administrators.



Resources are scarce and projects highly complex with little margin for error or delay. Meridian specializes in the implementation and upgrade of complex business systems, with a focus on Oracle Utilities' products and solutions, such as CCS, C2M, CC&B, MDM, ODM, and more.



Keeping up with mission critical system maintenance can be overwhelming. Patches and upgrades are being pushed out constantly and break/fix items require immediate attention. Ensuring adoption without disruption is paramount and where Meridian excels.


“We were glad to share with everyone what a great application Meridian has available and what great teamwork we had together on this project.
Meridian is amazing to work with and we appreciate all you did during our project to make our portal such a success.”

Courtney Basile
Project Manager

Greenville Utilities Commission