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Enhanced Customer Digital Engagement for Utilities 



Digital customer engagement for utilities has traditionally trailed behind other industries such as telecommunications, banking, and retail, thus falling short of customer expectations and missing out on opportunities for the utility to build relationships with their customers. Until recently, customer engagement in the industry has been call center-based, and typically when facilitating a customer needing to make a payment or when there was a problem with their account.

The Challenges

Utility customers are now expecting more from their digital engagement experience. According to a recent study, utility customers spend an average of 8 minutes per year interacting with their utility provider. This is an indicator that utilities have not been able to connect with their customers in a meaningful manner, outside of the traditional “make a payment” or “report a problem” scenarios. Customers are looking for a reliable, intuitive, modernized, seamless, multi-channel experience where they can not only quickly and easily transact in a self-service manner, but also leverage their consumption and billing data to make informed decisions regarding which utility programs best align with their needs.

Whether it is communication regarding consumption history, conservation tips, level payment plans, payment reminders, payment acknowledgements, high bill alerts, outages, self-service options, and more, information must be effectively delivered by the utility to their customers in real-time for genuinely great customer experiences. Additionally, user-friendly, dynamically changeable statements (both print and electronic), e-bills with payments made from any device, payment notifications and payments made via text, real-time usage information, and customer self-service options have all become necessities. 

The Solution

Meridian’s Integrated Digital Engagement Application (IDEA) enables our utility clients to implement a unique, best-in-class SaaS solution specific to their customer’s needs. IDEA creates rich customer experiences maximizing the satisfaction of their internal and external customers, as well as reducing the overall cost of customer service to the utility. Customers can have access to any information from your utility’s systems including CIS, MDM, OMS, as well as any other that you chose to make available to them.

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