Guest Speaker:

Dustin Theilacker, Chief Technology Officer, Meridian Integration

Dustin is a technology leader who has worked in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, and utilities industries. He has been with Meridian Integration since 2016 and is skilled in IT strategy, IT infrastructure management, IT service management and software development management. He earned his Bachelor of Science focused in Computer Information Science from University of North Florida.

We are incredibly proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2023 FMEA Energy Connections Conference & Trade Show in Orlando this November!

Join us at Table #35 during the Trade Show to connect with our team.

You don’t want to miss our enlightening 4-part presentation on Digital Customer Engagement during the breakout session:

Part 1: Unveiling the Seven Essential Elements of Digital Customer Engagement

Embark on a journey to uncover the seven essential elements of a winning digital customer engagement framework. Discover how to provide customers with an exceptional experience that leaves a lasting impact.

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Part 2: Mastering Digital Customer Engagement and Digital Customer Experience

Dive into digital customer engagement and learn why differentiating it from digital customer experience is crucial. Gain insights on how to create meaningful and personalized digital interactions.

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Part 3: Fulfilling the Engagement Needs of Internal and External Stakeholders

Gain valuable insights into assessing and measuring your current digital customer engagement capabilities. By aligning with the needs of both internal and external stakeholders, you can enhance their experience and drive mutual success.

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Part 4: Elevating Your Digital Customer Engagement

Unlock the secrets to prioritize and plan improvements to take your digital customer engagement to new heights. Turn existing gaps into opportunities for growth and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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We can’t wait to see you there!