Enterprise Data Security 

Enterprise Data Security is a key component to any Enterprise Data Governance Framework. The primary goal of Enterprise Data Security is to ensure policies & procedures, as well as technologies are in place to protect an organization's information assets in accordance with:

  • Internal information stakeholder requirements
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Contractual requirements  

Enterprise Data must be categorized in regards to its sensitivity and risk level before effective Enterprise Data Security can occur. Clear visibility into the location and movement of this data within and outside of the organization is essential to Enterprise Data Security.  Business Leaders, Data Managers, Information Technology Professionals, Security Professionals and other key data stakeholders must then work together to create a comprehensive Enterprise Data Security Program.

Meridian’s Data Governance Team will work with your organization to assess the current state of your Enterprise Data Security, using the below Data Management Maturity Model as a benchmark. We will then create and execute a plan in alignment with Data Governance best practices to move your Enterprise Data Security forward on the maturity scale.







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