Data Quality 

Data Quality Management (DQM) Services

Organizations require consistently reliable and trustworthy data to realize maximum value from their data. With a lack of good Data Quality Management processes and tools, Data Quality issues can arise from:

  • Training and data entry issues
  • Poor business processes
  • Poor Data Interface and Data Integration design
  • Poor Master Data Management
  • Lack of understanding of data sources

  Poor Data Quality Management can expose a company to many risks such as:

  • Poor business strategies, financial decisions and management decisions driven by poor Data Quality
  • Inability to identify new business opportunities
  • Inability to collect revenue in a timely manner
  • Negative impacts to business reputation due to poor customer service
  • Exposure to regulatory and compliance sanctions


Effective Data Quality Management can be overwhelming because it must be governed across the organization and over the entire data lifecycle. In addition to the processes and tools for ensuring high Data Quality, mechanisms must also be in place to monitor, measure and report the level of Data Quality across the organization.

Meridian’s Data Governance Team can assist you with assessing the many dimensions of Data Quality across your organization to ensure that your data is accurate, complete, timely and consistent.


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